This page gives you an overview on maps about Türkiye collected on More maps are available in our full-text search.

Ethnic groups, religious groups and topography

In 2017, the Federal Ministry of Interior of Austria (BMI) published an atlas containing maps on the country’s topography (p. 14), religious groups (p. 24) and ethnic groups (p. 34):

  • Middle East, North Africa and Arabian peninsula: Population maps, thematic maps and physical maps with main cities (religious groups; ethnic groups; oil and gas)

    Atlas: Middle East & North Africa (Map or infographic, English)

    Administrative divisions

    A CIA map from 2006 shows administrative divisions at the province level:

    Cities and infrastructure

    A CIA map published in 2006 shows main cities, rivers, roads and the railway system:

    More maps

    More maps and infographics with the option to use filters can be found in the search: Türkiye maps on Please note that the recognition of text in graphical documents such as maps often does not work well. This means that place names often can't be found in the full-text search, even when the name is visible on a map.