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In brief: The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) is an agency of the European Union providing support to EU member states in asylum issues, inter alia by conducting COI research and documentation.

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COI reports (SR), COI Query Responses (Res), Positions/Country Guidelines (Position)
Covered ad hoc on (at least quarterly), for countries of priorities A- E (all available countries).

“The European Union is working towards a Common European Asylum System. EASO supports its implementation by applying a bottom-up approach. The aim is to ensure that individual asylum cases are dealt with in a coherent way by all Member States.” (EASO: What we do, undated)

Concerning its COI research, “[...] EASO gathers targeted, relevant, reliable, accurate and  up-to-date country of origin information in a transparent and impartial manner according to a published methodology. […]  (EASO) also manages and further develops the  EASO COI Portal  which provides a common entry point to EU-produced COI and offers additional resources for Member States(.)” (EASO: Country of Origin, undated)

“Given the complexity of the Member States national asylum solutions, documenting and comparing the differences is also a highly challenging task. For this reason, and within the framework of its regulation, EASO is developing a combined content management system and database – the Information and Documentation System (IDS). […] The IDS is a searchable library that provides comprehensive overviews of how each key stage of the asylum system is carried out in individual EU+ countries and allows users to compare these practices. The key elements include: the access to procedure, the application for international protection, the Dublin procedures, the determination at first instance, the determination at second instance, the reception and detention, the return, and the content of protection/integration.”(EASO: Information and Documentation System, undated)
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Scope of reporting:
Topics and countries relevant for the international protection of persons seeking international protection in the European Union. (EASO: what we do, undated)

The EASO has published a methodology for COI reports in July 2012:
See also a commentary on the EASO COI report methodology: Asylum Research Constultancy & Dutch Council for Refugees: Comments on the EASO COI report methodology, November 2012 (

Language(s) of publications:
English, some publications are translated in other EU languages

Further reading / links:
Regulation (EU) No 439/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 establishing a European Asylum Support Office
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