The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) is publishing a series of reports on Syria, as well as a guidance note.

According to EASO, the reports provide relevant information regarding topics such as the main armed actors, targeted violence, and armed conflict developments in Syria for the purpose of developing country guidance on Syria. They should be read in conjunction.

ACCORD was among the COI units involved in peer review of the reports.

EASO: Syria; Security situation, 1 November 2019 [see May 2020 update below]

EASO: Syria; Actors, December 2019

EASO: Syria; Exercise of authority in recaptured areas, January 2020

EASO: Syria; Situation of women, February 2020

EASO: Syria; Socio-economic situation: Damascus City, February 2020

EASO: Syria; Targeting of individuals, March 2020

EASO: Syria; Internally displaced persons, returnees and internal mobility, April 2020

EASO: Syria Security situation, May 2020

In July 2020, ARC Foundation and the Dutch Council for Refugees published a commentary on seven of these reports:

ARC Foundation & DCR - Dutch Council for Refugees: Commentary on the EASO Country of Origin Information Reports on Syria (December 2019 – May 2020), July 2020

In September 2020, EASO published the EU Member States' common analysis and guidance on Syria, which esp. are based on the EASO reports mentioned above:

EASO: Country Guidance: Syria; Common analysis and guidance note, September 2020