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Ethnic groups and topography

An atlas published by the Austrian ministries for interior and defence in 2016 contains maps on topography and administrative divisions (p. 7-8), religious groups (p. 17-18) as well as ethnic and linguistic groups (p. 19-20):

  • Political maps, population maps, thematic maps and situation maps with administrative divisions (district level) and with main cities (ethnic groups; linguistic groups; religious groups; oil and gas; security situation; other topics)

    Atlas Syria & Iraq (Map or infographic, English)

    A 2011 CIA country profile contains maps on ethno-linguistic distribution, population density, the Golan heights, water bodies as well as infrastructure (traffic, oil, gas):

    Administrative divisons

    A CIA map published in 2007 shows administrative divisions:

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    In April 1999, the U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency published a map of the city of Damascus:


    A 2007 CIA map shows major cities and transport infrastructure:

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    Areas of control

    The Carter Center provides quarterly overviews on political and security developments:

    The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) provides quarterly updated maps on the territorial control in Syria:

    ACCORD publishes quarterly overviews on security incidents, based on ACLED data: search link.

    More maps

    More maps and infographics with the option to use filters can be found in the search: Syria maps on Please note that the recognition of text in graphical documents such as maps often does not work well. This means that place names often can't be found in the full-text search, even when the name is visible on a map.