Zentralstelle für Informationsvermittlung zur Rückkehrförderung (ZIRF, Information Centre for Voluntary Return)
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In brief: The Information Centre for Voluntary Return (ZIRF) was established at the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in 2006. Its task is to facilitate and promote the voluntary return of asylum seekers by providing information and counselling.

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„The Information Centre for Voluntary Return essentially has the following goals: to coordinate, design and network assisted return; to improve the assistance that is on offer and to promote advice by bundling the information; to use the available subsidies efficiently.“ (BAMF: Counselling on assisted return, 18 January 2011, accessed 20 February 2014)

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) (Germany)
„The ZIRF was established at the Federal Office in July 2003 and has been working successfully since that time. The ZIRF counselling project was started in January 2006.“ (BAMF: Counselling on assisted return, 18 January 2011, accessed 20 February 2014)

“The IOM-project is part of the information centre for voluntary return (ZIRF) of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and is financed by the German federal government and federal states.” (Information portal on voluntary return: ZIRF-Counselling, undated)

Scope of reporting:
Geographic scope: countries of origin of asylum seekers
Thematic scope: infrastructure, economy, housing, health care, education and returnees

„The overall objective of this project [ZIRF counselling] is to provide individualized, detailed and up-to-date return relevant information to returnees as well as to return counselling/information centres, allowing them to prepare the returnees’ travel back appropriately, thus facilitating their reintegration in the respective countries of origin. […] In order to acquire the necessary information, IOM is reverting to its network of more than 280 missions in over 100 countries worldwide.“(IOM: ZIRF Counselling, undated, accessed 20 February 2014)

Language(s) of publications:
German and English, selected reports available in languages of countries of origin.

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