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Country Analysis is the COI unit of the Secretariat for Migration (SEM, formerly Federal Office for Migration), the latter being responsible for matters concerning foreign nationals and asylum seekers in Switzerland.
Coverage on
Country of Origin Information.
Covered monthly on, for countries of priorities A-E.
“On 1 January 2015, the Federal Office for Migration (FOM) became the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). This change was made to take account of the growing importance of the SEM’s work and its expanding range of tasks. The organisation and structure of the former federal office remain the same.
The State Secretariat regulates the conditions under which people can enter Switzerland in order to live and work here. It also decides who will receive protection from persecution. The State Secretariat coordinates federal, cantonal and communal efforts to help foreign residents integrate into Swiss society and deals with applications for Swiss citizenship at federal level.” (SEM-Website: The SEM, undated)
“Country Analysis – a service at the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) – gathers, analyzes, and makes [Country of Origin] information available. Country Analysis also produces a wide range of publications of its own, often in cooperation with its international partners.
The expertise of Country Analysis reports by the SEM provides information on general facts, examines the political, economical, and human rights situation, and offers an in-depth view on gender-based issues and health care in countries of origin.
In choosing sources, analyzing information gathered from these sources, and preparing information for publication, Country Analysis follows international standards of quality, and findings are documented in keeping with scientific practice. Utmost transparency in reporting is an overriding goal. (Country Analysis drafts its reports in one language only.)” (SEM-Website: Country of Origin Information (COI), undated)
Total annual expenditure of approximately 1.9 billion Swiss Francs projected for all operation of the SEM in 2017. (SEM-Webiste: Ausgabenentwicklung Staatssekretariat für Migration, undated)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Countries which generate most asylum applications to Switzerland.
Thematic focus: Human rights, humanitarian and security situation in countries of origin of asylum seekers.
Country Analysis of State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) is working “[…] in line with the EU-Guidelines for processing Country of Origin Information (” (SEM: Focus Eritrea; Update Nationaldienst und illegale Ausreise, 10 August 2016, p. 2)
Reports by Country Analysis draw on “[…] carefully selected sources; […] authors make no claim to be exhaustive. No conclusions may be deduced from the report on the merits of any claim to the well-foundedness of a request for refugee status or asylum. The fact that some occurrence, person, or organization may not have been mentioned in the report does not imply that such occurrence is considered as not having happened or a person or organization does not exist. This report is the result of independent research and editing. The views and statements expressed in this report do not necessarily represent any consensus of beliefs held by the Swiss government or its agencies.” (SEM: Focus Eritrea; Update Nationaldienst und illegale Ausreise, 10 August 2016, p. 2)
Language(s) of publications:
German, French and English.
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