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In brief:  The Swiss Refugee Council (SRC), founded in 1936, is an NGO umbrella organisation for refugee assisting and human rights organisations that, amongst other activities, provides country of origin information research services.
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Query responses and country reports.
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The SRC states “We are committed to ensuring that asylum seekers obtain a fair procedure and that recognised refugees are given equal opportunities to take part in our country economically, socially and culturally.” (Swiss Refugee Council website: About us, undated)
“The legal basis and legal provisions pertaining to the life of asylum seekers is under constant revision. We take part in this process with recommendations that are sent to the authorities and with public statements. We champion humane treatment of the persons concerned in accord with international law, support them during the asylum procedure and level criticism at shortcomings.
 We constantly research and publish current country analyses and draw up expert opinions on specific questions relevant to asylum. Our independent country analyses are regularly used as a basis for making decisions in procedures under asylum law, even abroad.” (Swiss Refugee Council website: Fields of activity, undated)
“We help guide asylum seekers through […] the Swiss legal system and conduct research to analyse the situation in their countries of origin. When it comes to the integration of refugees, we help by making a financial contribution to their education. We assist in bringing about the reunification of families separated by flight and persecution. Our education teams do important public education work in schools and other educational institutions.”  (Swiss Refugee Council website: About us, undated)
11.6 million Swiss Francs from donations, mandates and fees. (Swiss Refugee Council: Jahresbericht 2015, 2016, p. 17)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus:  Countries of origin of asylum seekers and reception countries.
Thematic focus: Human rights, humanitarian and security situation in countries of origin of asylum seekers and in reception countries.
Information used in query responses is “[…] based on research carried out in a limited amount of time […] and on publicly accessible documents […].” (Swiss Refugee Council: Schnellrecherche der SFH-Länderanalyse vom 5. August 2016 zu Sri Lanka: Politische Einflussnahme auf die Polizei, 5. August 2016, p. 1, available at, Working translation ACCORD)
A report on developments in Turkey from 2016 is “[…] based on research and information gathered from experts.” (Swiss Refugee Council: Türkei: Situation im Südosten – Stand August 2016, 25. August 2016, p. 4, Working translation ACCORD)
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Languages of publications:
German, French and English
Further reading / links:
Swiss Refugee Council: Jahresbericht 2015, 2016
Asylum Research Consultancy & Dutch Council for Refugees: NGOs working on Country of Origin Information in Europe: A mapping exercise, October 2013

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