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In brief:  The Swiss Refugee Council (SRC), founded in 1936, is an NGO umbrella organisation for refugee assisting and human rights organisations that, amongst other activities, provides country of origin information research services.
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“With its consolidated experience in refugee support, and as the umbrella organisation of NGOs working in the field of asylum, the Swiss Refugee Council is helping to shape Switzerland's future. […] The Swiss Refugee Council provides legal and country-of-origin advice, critically monitors the work of authorities, raises awareness and informs the public. It is also the point of contact for politicians and experts.” (SFH website: About us, undated)

SFH advocates for the “the guaranteed right to protection from persecution for people seeking to be admitted to Switzerland“ (SFH website: About us, undated). The SFH is equally engaged to ensure “Switzerland's adherence to the Geneva Refugee Convention and other human rights obligations […], fair proceedings for asylum seekers and top-quality legal protection” as well as “equal employment and education opportunities for recognised refugees and temporarily admitted persons as well as a solid platform for active participation in the country’s social, political and cultural life” (SFH website: About us, undated).

 “Through lobbying and campaign activities”, SFH aims to “achieve the swift and easier integration of persons seeking protection into the labour market and their access to training and education. […]

SFH offers sensitization and other trainings on the issues of refuge and asylum that are addressed to experts from civil society, teachers and multipliers as well as to children and adolescents in schools. […] In addition, SFH provides information and basic knowledge on the issues of refuge and asylum and aims to sensitize for the concerns of people seeking protection.” (SFH-Website: Die SFH Strategie 2017-2022, ohne Datum, working translation ACCORD)

“SFH prepares research and country reports for the main countries of origin of asylum seekers. These country reports serve as key basis for legal protection in asylum procedures and are regularly used for fact-based decision making by national and international courts.” (SFH-Website: Über uns, ohne Datum, working translation ACCORD)


In 2020, the total revenue of SFH amounted to 8.9 million Swiss Francs, for the most part through donations by individuals, companies, trusts and other institutions. Additional income was generated from mandates and fees. (Schweizerische Flüchtlingshilfe: Jahresbericht 2020, 26 April 2021, pp. 13; 15)

Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus:  Countries of origin of asylum seekers and reception countries.
Thematic focus: Human rights, humanitarian and security situation in countries of origin of asylum seekers and in reception countries.
Information used in query responses is “[…] based on research carried out in a limited amount of time […] and on publicly accessible documents […].” (Swiss Refugee Council: Schnellrecherche der SFH-Länderanalyse vom 5. August 2016 zu Sri Lanka: Politische Einflussnahme auf die Polizei, 5. August 2016, p. 1, available at, Working translation ACCORD)
A report on developments in Turkey from 2016 is “[…] based on research and information gathered from experts.” (Swiss Refugee Council: Türkei: Situation im Südosten – Stand August 2016, 25. August 2016, p. 4, Working translation ACCORD)

“The country experts work independently and rely on an extensive network of carefully selected contacts in the countries of origin. To keep up-to-date on the current situation and provide the latest information to all actors involved, our experts regularly visit the main countries of origin.”(SFH website: Country of origin reports, undated)

“Priority areas and topics are reviewed regularly based on developments in the countries of origin and the number of asylum applications, changes in asylum policy and demand for information from various actors.” (SFH website: Country of origin reports, undated)

Languages of publications:

German, French and English, occasionally also Italian

Further reading / links:

Schweizerische Flüchtlingshilfe: Annual Report 2020, 26 April 2021 (in German):

Asylum Research Consultancy & Dutch Council for Refugees: NGOs working on Country of Origin Information in Europe: A mapping exercise, October 2013,


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