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In brief: The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) is a government body responsible for decision-making and the provision of services in matters relating to asylum, migration and citizenship. Its COI unit, Lifos, produces reports and query responses on the situation in countries of origin of asylum-seekers and runs a COI database.
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Reports (Special and Analytical Report); query responses (Response); legal positions (Expert Opinion or Position)
Covered monthly on, for countries of priorities A-E (all available countries).
The Swedish Migration Agency’s mission includes considering applications from people who want to live in Sweden, visit the country, seek protection from persecution or be granted Swedish citizenship. (Migrationsverket website: Our Mission, undated)
The Migration Agency is “commissioned by parliament and government, who set the Swedish asylum and migration policy.” (Migrationsverket website: Our Mission, undated)
Lifos is a country information centre within the Migration Agency that collects, analyses and maintains information on countries and regions or origin of people who migrate to Sweden. Its products and services are primarily designed for assessment procedures within the Migration Agency. Through more than 10,000 publicly accessible documents provided on its Lifos information system (database), however, the centre also contributes to the work of other stakeholders in the migration field as well as to the wider public. Lifos is staffed with information specialists and country analysts who collect and process country information stemming from a variety of sources. The centre produces between 20 and 30 country reports and some 1,000 query responses per year. (Migrationsverket website: Lifos: Om Lifos, undated)
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Geographic scope: all countries of origin; a list of countries of focus is available here:
Thematic scope: security, human rights and socio-economic issues
Lifos information specialists and country analysts collect information from public sources, commercial databases, during fact-finding missions to countries of origin (Migrationsverket website: Lifos: Om Lifos, undated) as well through consultation of oral sources (see, for example, Migrationsverket/Lifos: Säkerhetsläget i Afghanistan, 4 December 2018, pp. 130-131).
Information specialists and country analysts work in teams that are responsible for a specific geographic region. Their task is to examine and analyse information sent to the Migration Agency, especially by the Swedish diplomatic missions, as well as to actively search for information that is available on the Internet. They work together with other staff members within the Migration Agency to identify the needs regarding the content of Lifos and to answer queries from users. Quality assurance procedures ensure that published information is relevant to the needs of users, stems from credible sources and is current. Prior to publication, an assessment is made as to whether the information is subject to confidentiality or copyright and meets all requirements under data protection law. Lifos’s own reports are compiled on the basis of the April 2008 Common EU Guidelines for processing Country of Origin Information (COI). (Migrationsverket website: Lifos: Om Lifos, undated)
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