Swedish Migration Board – Migrationsverket

Source description last updated: 8 May 2014
In brief: The Swedish Migration Board is the authority that considers applications from people wishing to visit, settle or seek protection in Sweden. The Migration Board's COI unit provides reports on the situation in various countries of origin. Lifos is the Swedish Migration Board's database for legal and country of origin information.
The COI unit and Lifos provide “information on the conditions in the countries the applicant comes from along with judicial rulings. Lifos also contains judgments from the Migration Court of Appeal, as well as international fora as the ECHR.“ (Migrationsverket: Country of origin information, Lifos, 11 February 2014)
State funding
Scope of reporting:
all countries; human rights related issues
When producing reports or responses, COI experts research, evaluate and process relevant information  “according to the common EU-guidelines for processing factual COI” (Migrationsverket: Government and Clan System in Somalia, 5 March 2013, p. 3).
Language(s) of publications:
Swedish; some reports are available in English
Coverage on ecoi.net:
Covered monthly on ecoi.net, for countries of priorities A-D (all available countries).
All documents available on ecoi.net from this source: http://www.ecoi.net/de/source/364
All documents available on ecoi.net from this source