Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
Last update of this source description: 17 December 2008, current as at 18 October 2011.
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) was established in 1995 by a group of Palestinian lawyers and human rights activists and describes itself as an “independent Palestinian human rights organisation” based in Gaza City. The PCHR was established “in order to protect human rights and promote the rule of law in accordance with international standards; create and develop democratic institutions and an active civil society, while promoting democratic culture within Palestinian society; support all the efforts aimed at enabling the Palestinian people to exercise its inalienable rights in regard to self-determination and independence in accordance with international Law and UN resolutions.” (PCHR Website,, accessed on 17 December 2008)
Target group:
International Organisations, Governments, NGOs, Media, general public
PCHR has Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC and is an affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists, the International Federation for Human Rights, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, the Arab Organization for Human Rights and the International Legal Assistance Consortium. (PCHR Website,, accessed on 17 December 2008)
Documentation and investigation of human rights violations; provision of legal aid and counselling for both individuals and groups; preparation of research articles relevant to issues like the human rights situation and the rule of law; comments on Palestinian Draft Laws; urging the adoption of legislation that incorporates international human rights standards and basic democratic principles. (PCHR Website,, accessed on 17 December 2008)
According to PCHR, it receives funds from “a number of international non-governmental organisations in the fields of human rights, democracy, and social justice, as well as governments with friendly relations with the Palestinian people.” PCHR lists the following donors on its website: International Commission of Jurists, Sweden Chapter, Ford Foundation (USA), NOVIB (Holland), Open Society Fund (USA), Christian Aid (UK), Dan Church Aid (Denmark), Grassroots International (USA), European Commission, Ireland Aid, Kvinna Till Kvinna – Sweden, Al Quds Association Malaga – Spain, Royal Danish Representative Office, Representative Office of Norway. (PCHR Website,, accessed on 17 December 2008)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Occupied Palestinian Territories (Westbank and Gaza Strip)
Thematic focus: Israeli Violations of Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law; Palestinian Violations of Human Rights & Obstacles to Democratic Reform, Elections
Reporting methodology:
PCHR has its head office in Gaza City and branch offices in Khan Yunis, Jabalya and Ramallah. Weekly reports on “Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” are compiled by PCHR fieldworkers. According to PCHR, field workers “obtain accurate and documented legal information on human rights violations in the Gaza Strip. They gather information in the field from victims and witnesses of human rights violations. The information is received by the co-ordinator of the unit and other researchers to verify accuracy”. (PCHR Website,, accessed on 17 December 2008)
The reports offer detailed descriptions of facts and events, but often use one-sided, sometimes propaganda-like, language in the description and assessment of facts and events.
Publication cycle:
Press releases and News: regularly
Position Papers: one or several per year
Reports on “Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory”: weekly
Election Reports and Special Reports: occasionally
PCHR also publishes an Annual Report
English, Arabic
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Additional references:
Critical article on the Palestinian Center for Human Rights by Israeli NGO Monitor dated 11 September 2006: (accessed 17 December 2008)
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