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In brief: is an online platform maintained by OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), providing access to international and domestic norms and laws relating to human rights issues.

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National Laws (Laws).
Covered weekly on, for countries of priorities A-C.

“ provides direct access to international norms and standards relating to specific human dimension issues […] as well as to domestic legislation and other documents of relevance to these issues. These data and other information available from the site are intended for lawmakers across the OSCE region.” (Legislationline website: Homepage, undated)   

“The database was designed as a drafting tool for lawmakers, not simply as an archive of domestic or international legislation. Its purpose is to provide assistance to those who prepare and draft laws at the working level. Through Legislationline, they can obtain examples and options from other countries' legislation that can help them make their own choices.
The activities involved in maintaining the database not only benefit lawmakers but also permit ODIHR experts to observe patterns in legislative activity, identify best practices, and monitor the application of international standards.
As a reference tool for a variety of users (primarily law drafters, legal professionals, government officials, parliamentary staff, and legal specialists in international organizations), it is the most comprehensive database on legislation related to issues such as human trafficking, elections, and citizenship.” (OSCE website:, undated)

“ODIHR supports participating States by reviewing their law-making systems and relevant draft and existing legislation. In providing such support, the Office draws on legislative guidelines in specific areas, such as election, freedom of assembly and political party legislation, as well as the resources of, ODIHR’s online legislative database.” (OSCE website: Legislative support, undated)

Legislationline is fully maintained by the ODIHR. ODIHR’s total unified budget of 2015 adds up to 18,072,300 EUR without mentioning the amount spent on  (OSCE website: ODIHR Annual Report 2015, p. 63, June 2016)

Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Asia, Europe and North America
Thematic focus: Legislation affecting or relating to human dimension issues: Anti-discrimination, citizenship, elections, counter-terrorism, gender equality, migration, trafficking in human beings, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, political parties, access to information and data protection, death penalty, fair trial (right to a), independence of the judiciary, hate crimes, freedom of religion, national human rights organisations

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Language(s) of publications:
English and official language of selected national legislation.
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