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In brief: Le Monde diplomatique is a French monthly newspaper that publishes analysis and opinion on conflict, politics, culture and international affairs.

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“Le Monde diplomatique is a world-famous voice in journalism dating back to 1954 (it began as a journal to keep diplomats up to date on world events). Based in Paris, under the umbrella of the French daily newspaper Le Monde, it soon acquired an international reputation for its incisive monthly articles. In 1996 it won editorial and financial independence by forming its own company.” (Le Monde diplomatique website: About, undated)

“We offer a clear, considered view of the conflicting interests and complexities of a modern global world. […] Le Monde diplomatique stands out in an increasingly uniform media landscape for its critical vision, in-depth analysis of world issues and reportages that illuminate the state of the planet. We find the stories that the commercial media often miss altogether […]. […]
Our readers include politicians, diplomats, policy-makers, journalists, lecturers, thinktank researchers, NGOs, opinion formers, students, and anyone who wants the real stories, reliable research and an independent viewpoint.” (Le Monde diplomatique website: About, undated)

Le Monde diplomatique has been financially independent since forming its own company in 1996. “Le Monde owns 51%; the Friends of Le Monde diplomatique and Gunter Holzmann Association, comprising the paper’s staff, together own 49%.” (Le Monde diplomatique website: About, undated)

Scope of reporting:
Geographic scope: all countries
Thematic scope: a large variety of topics relating to national politics, armed conflict and international affairs

Journalistic articles and analyses by “experts in their fields – area specialists, academics, writers, journalists who are close to the issues and to the people making the news.” (Le Monde diplomatique website: About, undated)

Language(s) of publications:
Le Monde diplomatique is “published in 20 languages” (Le Monde diplomatique website: About, undated), including French, English and German (Le Monde diplomatique website: Le Monde diplomatique: Foreign editions, undated).

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