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In brief: The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is an international movement of people living with HIV, community activists and their supporters working to achieve universal access to HIV treatment.

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Missing the Target Reports.

Covered quarterly on for countries of priorities A-E (all available countries).


ITPC’s mission is “to enable people in need to access optimal HIV treatment”. Its vision is “longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives for people living with HIV, their families, and their communities” (ITPC website: Who we are, undated).

“Over the last decade, ITPC has expanded its work beyond HIV by […] advocating for access to medicines and quality health care for TB, viral hepatitis, and other life-threatening conditions” (ITPC website: Who we are, undated).

The main areas of the ITPC’s advocacy work are 1) challenging barriers to access imposed by intellectual property laws on medicines, 2) HIV community-based monitoring and research, 3) supporting activism and capacity building and 4) educating peoples of concern about treatments (ITPC website: Our work, undated)

The ITPC’s “central structure is the Global Activist Network, consisting of the ITPC global team, ITPC regional networks, partner organizations, individual treatment activists, and community-based organizations.” (ITPC website: How we work, undated)

“The Missing the Target (MTT) report series is part of ITPC’s Watch What Matters campaign, which is a community-led monitoring and research initiative focused on capacity building and advocacy. […]

Watch What Matters gathers data on access to, and quality of HIV treatment globally, with the aim to streamline and standardize treatment access data that communities collect” (ITPC: Missing the Target 12, April 2019, p. III).


The ITPC is funded through contributions from donors. Funding for 2018 was provided by: Aidsfonds, AJG Foundation, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bridging the Gaps II Alliance, International AIDS Society, Levi Strauss Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Robert Carr Fund, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Unitaid, ViiV Healthcare (ITPC: Annual Review 2018, p. 20).

Scope of reporting:

Geographic focus: Central, East and West Africa, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), Latin America and Caribbean, South Asia, China

Thematic focus: challenges and barriers to HIV treatment, including for specific groups of people living with HIV (e.g. people who inject drugs; orphans; sex workers etc.)


ITPC states that the production process of Missing the Target (MTT) reports includes “empowerment of communities in research methods, provision of seed grants to undertake research, analysis, and development of the report” (ITPC: Missing the Target 12, April 2019, p. III). For the MTT 12 report (published in April 2019), research was “conducted by organizations of people living with HIV (PLHIV) […], with support from ITPC, and in partnership with Mainline and AFEW International.” (ITPC: Missing the Target 12, April 2019, p. 2)

The MTT reports may be based on “a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods”, which may include desktop research on legal and policy frameworks, surveys among people living with HIV and in-depth interviews with stakeholders, NGOs and healthcare professionals (ITPC: Missing the Target 12 April 2019, p. 5).

The IPTC says that it ensures “protection of personal data and confidentiality […] all stages of the study, analysis and distribution” as well as the “respect for, and dignity of everyone involved in the study” (ITPC: Missing the Target 12, April 2019, p. 5).

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