Founded in March 1989, Human Rights in China (HRIC) is “an international, Chinese, non-governmental organization with a mission to promote international human rights and advance the institutional protection of these rights in the People’s Republic of China (China)” (HRIC Website,, accessed on 3 July 2007).
HRIC is aiming to enlarge “China’s independent civil space by engaging a broad cross-section of citizens, activists, government officials, lawyers, scholars, corporate leaders and media sources inside and outside China through rigorous thematic research, advocacy and communications work” (HRIC Website,, accessed on 3 July 2007).
Target group:
Civil society, human rights activist, international organisations, government officials, media in and outside of China.
HRIC names 3 key objectives:
“- Supporting the work of local civil society groups to promote the process of economic, administrative, and legal reforms;
- Generating international pressure for social change through monitoring to ensure accountability, transparency and compliance with the Chinese government’s international human rights obligations; and
- Strengthening international human rights frameworks and facilitating international cooperation by working with other non-governmental organizations, the UN and other multilateral and bilateral organizations, national governments, and donors.”
(HRIC Website,, accessed on 3 July 2007)
“HRIC is funded by private foundations and individuals from Europe, Asia, and North America. HRIC does not receive governmental funding.” (Wikipedia,, accessed on 12 July 2007). Donors include international NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy (, accessed on 12 July 2007). HRIC also receives donations from individuals (, accessed on 12 July 2007).
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: China.
Thematic focus: Human rights in China and the institutional protection of these rights.
Reporting methodology:
Media monitoring, research in secondary sources, researchers in and outside China.For its work, HRIC collaborates with local, regional, and international NGOs (HRIC Website,, accessed on 3 July 2007).
Publication cycle:
- HRIC reports and papers “highlight emerging issues and trends related to the rights of women and children, Internet censorship, control of the media and lack of access to information, labor rights and state secrets, legal reform and social unrest, among others”;
- China Rights Forum (CRF): HRIC's English-language quarterly journal;
- Monthly Brief;
- Daily News Brief;
- Trends Bulletins (published regularly);
- Press Releases and Statements (released sporadically);
- Ren Yu Ren Quan (Chinese language): Monthly online journal publishing “in-depth analyses, research papers, current events commentaries, theoretical discussions and commentary on China's legal reforms including original writings.” English summaries and excerpts of selected issues are available.
- Huaxia Dianzi Bao (Chinese language): Weekly e-newsletter to “deliver uncensored information into China”. English summaries of selected issues are available.
(HRIC Website, and, accessed on 3 July 2007)
Most information is available in English as well as in Chinese. Some publications (eg Ren Yu Ren Quan and Huaxia Dianzi Bao) are only available in Chinese, but English summaries and excerpts of selected issues are provided.
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