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In brief: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is a non-governmental organisation acting countrywide in Pakistan aiming at promoting human rights and trying to prevent their violation.
Coverage on
Annual report “State of Human Rights”, other reports on specific topics (women and children rights, education, prison, elections, democracy and human rights violations).
Covered monthly on, for Pakistan.
“The Human Right Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) was established in 1987 as an independent non-government organization. Since then it has developed to become an influential country wide human rights body.[…]
HRCP’s mission includes the following:
To work for the ratification and implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of other related Charters, Covenants, Protocols, Resolutions, Recommendations and internationally adopted norms by Pakistan.
To promote research and studies in the field of human rights and to mobilize public opinion in favor of accepted norms through all available media and forums, and other activities like holding conventions and publishing reports to further the cause.
To cooperate with and aid national and international groups, organisations and individuals engaged in the promotion of human rights and to participate in meetings and conferences on human rights at home and abroad.
To take appropriate action to prevent violations of human rights and to provide legal aid and expertise to victims of those violations and to individuals and groups striving to protect human rights.” (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan: Mission & Vision, undated)
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Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Pakistan.
Thematic focus: Human rights.
“Besides monitoring human rights violations and seeking redress through public campaigns, lobbying and intervention in courts, HRCP organizes seminars, workshops and fact finding missions. It also issues a monthly magazine in the Urdu language called Jehd-i-Haq and an annual report on the state of human rights in the country, available in both English and Urdu.” (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan: Mission & Vision, undated)
“The sources, where not quoted in the text, were HRCP surveys, fact finding reports, and communications from its correspondents and private citizens; official gazettes, economic and legal documents and other public releases and statements; reports in the national and regional press; and publications of international agencies like the UNDP, ILO, WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank. Considering the limitation of the official reports, press accounts and sample surveys conducted by NGOs, figures and assessments offered here may not always represent the full or the exact picture. They should be taken as a reflection of the trend during the year.” (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan: Annual Report, 2013, p. 5)
Language(s) of publications:
English. Some publications are also available in Urdu.
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