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In brief: The Human Rights Centre (HRC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Tbilisi, Georgia, which aims to protect and promote human rights, rule of law and peace in Georgia. (HRC formerly was known as HRIDC).
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The NGO Human Rights Center, formerly Human Rights Information and Documentation Center (HRIDC) was founded on December 10, 1996 in Tbilisi, Georgia and is “dedicated to protection and promotion of human rights, rule of law and peace in Georgia”. (HRC website, About us: Vision and Mission, undated)

“The Human Rights Center believes that everyone is entitled to exercise her/his civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights freely and without any discrimination as guaranteed by national and international law” and considers that “protection and promotion of these rights and respect for rule of law are the key preconditions for building sustainable peace and democracy in Georgia”. (HRC website, About us: Vision and Mission, undated)

The Human Rights Center has five priority areas of action: strengthening the rule of law, supporting freedom of expression and media, promoting equality and social inclusion, reinforcing democratic processes and supporting transitional justice. (HRC website, About us: Priorities, undated)

The NGO is member of a number of international networks: International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH); World Organization Against Torture (SOS-Torture OMCT Network); Human Rights House Network; Civic Solidarity Platform; NGO Coalition for International Criminal Court(CICC); Human Rights Without Frontiers, Int.; International Peace Bureau (IPB); UNITED for Intercultural Action – European Network against Nationalism, Racism, Fascism and Support of Migrants and Refugees; and Child Rights Information Network (CRIN). (HRC website, About us: International Network, undated)


The Human Rights Center has received financial support from the following organisations:

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee; National Endowment for Democracy (NED); Black Sea Trust of the German Marshal Fund of the United States; US Embassy in Georgia; Embassy of Canada; Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF); The Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia; German Federal Foreign Office’s funds by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Funding programme zivik; UNICEF; The European Commission; The Swiss Embassy in Georgia; Embassy of Lithuania; CICC; Bulgarian Embassy in Georgia; East-West Management Institute/USAID; Estonian Embassy in Georgia; IFES/USAID; European Center for Not-for-profit Law (ECNL). (HRC website, About us: Partners and Donors, undated)

Scope of reporting:
HCRpublishes monitoring reports on human rights issues, including children's rights, women's rights, justice, refugees/IDPs, minorities, media, army, health, corruption, elections, education, penitentiary, religion.
Monitoring; references to other sources and reports; media sources.
Language(s) of publications:
English, Georgian.

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