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In brief: The Finnish Immigration Service is a division of the Ministry of the Interior, responsible for processes and decision-making within the asylum seeking process.

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“The Finnish Immigration Service is a decision-making organisation in matters related to immigration, asylum, refugee status and citizenship and maintains the reception system. The agency implements the Finnish immigration policy and promotes controlled immigration, good administration and human and basic rights.
The Finnish Immigration Service provides specialist and information services in support of political decision-making and for national and international cooperation. The Finnish Immigration Service participates as a specialist in the discussion about immigration.” (Finnish Immigration Service: Finnish Immigration Service website: About us, undated)

Concerning Country of Origin Information, the Finnish Immigration Service provides Funding:
Finnish Ministry of the Interior

Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Countries of origin of asylum seekers coming to Finland.
Thematic focus: Political or social situation, human rights and security situation, legislation, geography, medical care and access to documentation in countries of origin of asylum seekers to Finland.

“The reports of the Country Information Service are general views on the situation of asylum seekers in their country of origin. They are not judicial assessments and do not assess whether a person coming from a certain country can be granted international protection in Finland based on his or her home region. An assessment of the security situation in the country of origin based on up-to-date information is carried out when each individual asylum application is decided on, but the surveys and reports are published only a few times a year and do not include all countries of origin.” (Finnish Immigration Service: Finnish Immigration Service website, Reports by the Country Information Service, undated)

For instance, a report on Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon “is based on a fact-finding mission to Beirut from 25 to 29 April, 2016.” (Finnish Immigration Service: Syrian and Palestinian (in Lebanon and exiting Syria) refugees in Lebanon, p. 3, 29 September 2016)
As written in its disclaimer, the report has been “[…] written according to the EU Guidelines for Processing Country of Origin Information. The report draws on carefully selected sources that are referenced in the report. (Finnish Immigration Service: Syrian and Palestinian (in Lebanon and exiting Syria) refugees in Lebanon, p. 2, 29 September 2016)

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English, Finnish.

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