“ECMI advances majority-minority relations in wider Europe through action, research and documentation. It supports the stabilization of areas of ethnopolitical tension and conflict, contributes to the strengthening of relevant legislation and best practices in governance and enhances the capacity of civil society actors and governments to engage with one another in a constructive and sustainable way.” (ECMI Website,, accessed on 17 July 2009)
Target group:
European governments and regional intergovernmental organizations, non-dominant groups in the European area, academic community, the media and the general public
„The Centre organizes its activities around three principal themes. It is concerned with the evaluation and further development of universal, regional, bilateral and national standards that may assist in consolidating democratic governance on the basis of ethnic diversity and human rights. In this context, ECMI is also particularly interested in the emerging convergence of standards between EU member states and applicant states.
A second area of interest relates to implementation procedures and mechanisms for such standards and the study of their effectiveness. At times, ECMI may also be invited to consider implementation issues and majority-minority relations in particular states in cooperation with the government of that state and local groups.
The third strand of ECMI's activities concerns constructive conflict-management. ECMI is at present developing its capacity to assist international peace-support efforts in addressing conflicts with an ethnopolitical dimension in the wider Europe. ECMI also maintains links to several regions of tension in Europe and engages local protagonists in dialogue, either in the region or in a neutral environment.“
(ECMI Website,, accessed on 17 July 2009)
Governments of Denmark, Germany and Schleswig-Holstein
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: All conflict areas of wider Europe
Thematic focus: Ethnic tension, potential conflict, conflict management
Reporting methodology:
Research, visiting fellows and visiting research associates, relations with other institutions involved in conflict resolution and interethnic relations, conferences
Publication cycle:
ECMI Handbooks, studies, monographs, reports, working papers: No regular publication cycle
Annual reports, European Yearbook: Annually
JEMIE (Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe)
(ECMI Website,, accessed on 17 July 2009)
Website: English, German, Danish; publications: English; some publications are also available in various languages of regions covered
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Wikipedia: European Centre for Minority Issues (accessed on 6 August 2007)

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