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In brief: The Equal Rights Trust is a UK-based non-governmental organisation whose mission is to eliminate discrimination and promote equal participation in society.

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Country reports, "legal briefs", national legislation

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The Equal Rights Trust, established in 2007, seeks to “eliminate discrimination and ensure everyone can participate in society on an equal basis”. It works “in partnership to secure the adoption and implementation of equality laws”. (Equal Rights Trust: Our Theory of Change, undated)

“As of 2018, we have established projects and partnerships in more than 45 countries […]. Through these projects we have supported civil society movements to combat discrimination through reform and implementation of equality law.

We have also examined the intersection of equality and other issues of human rights and social justice. This has included work on issues ranging from the link between discrimination and statelessness to the use of equality law approaches to advance economic and social rights and to the issue of discriminatory torture and ill-treatment. In addition, we have supported the development of expert thinking on the right to equality itself, including by publishing a bi-annual journal, the Equal Rights Review.“ (Equal Rights Trust: Our Story, undated)

In addition, the Equal Rights Trust produces “country and thematic reports which are used by the Trust and others working to advancing equality to advocate at national, regional and international levels.” (Equal Rights Trust: Advocacy, undated)

“The country reports present an overview of discrimination in countries ranging from Sudan to Belarus to Kenya, they also include the Trust's extensive focus on discrimination felt by Rohingya in South-East Asia and Bangladesh.” Moreover, the Trust produces “analyses of laws in specific countries, submissions to UN bodies, legal briefs to international courts and counsels involved in discrimination cases” etc. (Equal Rights Trust: Reports and Statements, undated)


Donors of the Equal Rights Trust include charitable trusts and foundations, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the US Department of State, the European Commission and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) (Equal Rights Trust: Donors, undated). For a full list of donors see here:

Scope of reporting:

Geographic focus: currently over 45 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central, South and Southeast Asia, and Latin America

Thematic focus: discriminatory torture and ill-treatment; equality and freedom of expression; equality and statelessness; socio-economic rights and equality etc.


Country reports may be produced in collaboration with a local partner organisations (see, for example, Equal Rights Trust: Sifting the Grain - 6,000 Testimonies of Discrimination and Inequality from Yemen, December 2018, p. 8 and Equal Rights Trust: A Past still present - Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Egypt, December 2018, p. 12). The reports may involve initial desk-based research of public sources to identify the main patterns of discrimination in a country. Based on this review, the Trust may appoint researchers to conduct field research according to its guidelines on methods of research and presentation of findings. Field research is based on semi-structured interviews with groups affected by discrimination and inequality. In addition, reports may include information from desk-based research of published material including reports from governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental organisations including the United Nations (Equal Rights Trust: After the Padishah, Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Uzbekistan, December 2016, pp. 13-14 and Equal Rights Trust: A Past still present - Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Egypt, December 2018, pp. 12-14). Reports may also be based in research in sources written in the local language (e.g. national laws), which may be conducted by local researchers working under the guidance of the Trust. Prior to publication, draft reports may undergo a review by persons knowledgeable about the legal and political situation in the country. (Equal Rights Trust: A Past still present - Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Egypt, December 2018, pp. 13-14).

Languages of publication:

English and relevant local languages including Arabic, Russian and Moldovan


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