Council of Europe – European Committee of Social Rights (CoE-ECSR)

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18 November 2014
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The European Committee for Social Rights (CoE-ECSR) is a monitoring mechanism for the Council of Europe member states’ compliance with the European Social Charter of 1961 and its revised edition of 1996.
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“The mission of the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) is to judge that States party are in conformity in law and in practice with the provisions of the European Social Charter.
In respect of national reports, the Committee adopts conclusions, in respect of collective complaints, it adopts decisions.
The Committee is composed of 15 independent, impartial experts, elected by the Committee of Ministers for a 6-year term of office, renewable once.” (CoE-website: The European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR), About the Committee, undated)
Council of Europe funds.
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: The 47 CoE member states (see CoE-website).
Thematic focus: Social rights as agreed upon in the European Social Charter.
“Every year the States Parties submit a report indicating how they implement the Charter in law and in practice. Each report concerns some of the accepted provisions of the Charter.
The Committee examines the reports and decides whether or not the situations in the countries concerned are in conformity with the Charter. Its decisions, known as ‘conclusions’, are published every year.
If a state takes no action on a Committee decision to the effect that it does not comply with the Charter, the Committee of Ministers addresses a recommendation to that state, asking it to change the situation in law and/or in practice.
The Committee of Ministers’ work is prepared by a Governmental Committee comprising representatives of the governments of the States Parties to the Charter, assisted by observers representing European employers’ organisations and trade unions.” (CoE-website: The European Social Charter, undated)
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English; few reports are available in French.
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The European Social Charter, 3 May 1996
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