Country of Origin Research and Information (CORI)
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Country of Origin Research and Information (CORI) is an independent, London-based limited company offering specialist research and training on country of origin information to support refugee status determination.
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Reports and query responses.
Covered monthly on, for countries of priorities A-D.
“CORI provides country and thematic reports on conditions in countries of origin to legal representatives, governments and NGOs. […] CORI provides case specific research bundles to the support refugee determination process.” (CORI website: Research, undated)
“CORI works internationally with all parties to [refugee status determination] (RSD) including Governments, lnter-governmental bodies, NGO's and Legal Representatives. We provide commissioned reports and knowledge management services and work to raise standards of COI [(Country of Origin Information)] production and application through capacity building and bespoke training.” (CORI website: About CORI, undated)
“CORI provides legal representatives with country of origin research tailored specifically to their clients’ individual circumstances.” (CORI website: Research, undated)
CORI’s products generate income, as “reports cost £250” and for research services the “hourly rate is £60”. (CORI website: Research, undated)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Countries of origin of asylum seekers.
Thematic focus: “We cover all areas of COI and specialise in researching gender related human rights issues.” (CORI website: Research, undated)
“CORI provides carefully selected documents which are analysed and compiled by experienced researchers, we make every endeavour to ensure that selected materials are from credible sources, time appropriate and relevant to your clients circumstances, however legal representatives must take full responsibility for their final selection for use within the application.  Some documents when listed in their entirety may not be favourable to the client’s application.  The research document supplied will allow editing by the legal representative.” (CORI website: Research, undated)
“CORI research analyses are prepared on the basis of publicly available information, studies and commentaries and produced within a specified time frame. All sources are cited. Every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy and comprehensive coverage of the research issue, however as COI is reliant on publicly available documentation there may be instances where the required information is not available. The analyses are not, and do not purport to be, either exhaustive with regard to conditions in the country surveyed, or conclusive as to the merits of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum. Any views expressed in the paper are those of the author […].” (CORI query response: Algeria: Algerian Sunni converting to Shi'ite sect of Islam, HCR00001E, available at, 2 March 2009)
“We offer a cost effective way of producing comprehensive, specific, accurate, up to date, credible, relevant country information to support the application of asylum and human rights claims.
CORI has extensive experience of researching human rights conditions in countries of origin and has an established network of international contacts including academic, NGO, medical, legal, political and  journalistic sources and access to professional databases and expert knowledge of information providers and primary research organisations.” (CORI website: Research, undated)
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