Conciliation Resources (CR)
Last update of this source description: 3 November 2008, current as at 12 October 2011.
Conciliation Resources (CR) is an international non-governmental organisation active in the field of sustainable and self-reliable peacebuildung. It works in partnership with local and international civil society organisations and governments. CR publishes ‘Accord’, an international review of peace initiatives (cp. CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008).
CR’s goals are to
·         “support people working at local, national and international levels to develop effective solutions to social, economic and political problems related to violent conflicts
·         provide opportunities for inclusive dialogue and improved relationships within communities and across conflict divides at all social and political levels
·         influence governments and other decision makers to employ conflict transformation policies that promote alternatives to violence
·         improve peacemaking practice and policies by promoting learning from peace processes around the world
·         challenge stereotypes and increase public awareness of human rights, conflict and peace issues in divided societies.” (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008)
Target group:
“Information and analysis [by CR] aims to engage a wide audience including primary parties to conflict, intermediaries, civil society groups, policymakers and the media.” (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008)
“Conciliation Resources believes local people have an important role in transforming their own violent conflicts and that the international community has a collective responsibility to help in these processes.” (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008)
It is active in the following areas of expertise:
·         “promoting locally-led peace initiatives in war-affected regions
·         facilitating dialogue within and across conflict divides
·         documenting and analysing peace processes
·         promoting opportunities for comparative learning
·         articulating policy and influencing governments and other decision makers.” (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008)
CR’s “funding is through grants from governments, independent trusts and foundations.” (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008)
For a detailed list of supporters for the period 2005-2008 please refer to (accessed on 3 November 2008)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Caucasus: Focus on Georgian-Abkhaz and Nagorno Karabakh conflicts;Fiji; Uganda, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo; West Africa: Particularly Mano River sub-region of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea (cp. CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008).
Thematic focus: Documentation of peace processes and initiatives and the sources and dynamics of armed conflicts; external interventions, such as sanctions, conditionalities and incentives; armed groups; public participation in peacemaking (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008).
Reporting methodology:
CR “work[s] closely with local organizations in countries to produce each publication. These include detailed narrative and analysis on different peace processes and themes such as public participation in peacemaking and engaging armed groups in peace processes. Each edition looks at the experiences and reflections of people with first-hand or expert knowledge of peace processes and analyses the issues from a practitioner’s viewpoint. They also contain: full texts and summaries of peace agreements, profiles of the main individuals and organizations involved, a glossary of important terms, maps, a chronology of the conflict and peace process, guidance for further reading.”  (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008)
Publication cycle:
An annual report is available for download on the website (CR Website,, accessed on 3 November 2008).
Aside from the bi-annual Accord publication cycle, CR publications include the following, infrequently published documents and resources: educational materials; audio and video; occasional papers; peace agreements index; policy briefings. (CR-Website,, Zugriff am 3. November 2008)
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.
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Home > Our Work > Accord. Menu on the left provides links to project descriptions and Accord issues per region and theme, and to a preace agreement index.
Additional references:
Source Watch: Conciliation Resources (accessed on 13 August 2007)
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