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In brief: The Center for Security Studies (CSS) is a center of competence for Swiss and international security studies at ETH Zurich, a Zurich-based university for technology and natural sciences.
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CSS Analysis in Security Policy.
Covered quarterly on, for countries of priorities A-C.
The CSS “offers security policy expertise in research, teaching, and consultancy and operates the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). The CSS promotes understanding of security policy challenges as a contribution to a more peaceful world. Its work is independent, practice-relevant, and based on a sound academic footing.          
The CSS combines research and policy consultancy and, as such, functions as a bridge between academia and practice. It trains highly qualified junior researchers and serves as a point of contact and information for the interested public. The CSS also operates the ISN as a leading global open-source information platform in the field of international relations and security policy.” (CSS: About us, 10 June 2013)
Origin of the financial resources of the ETH Zurich: Financial contribution of the Swiss Federal Government, earnings/fees and third-party resources (ETH Zurich: Funds for Basic and Supplemental Financing, undated)
Scope of reporting:
All countries; strategic and security-related issues
“The policy brief series CSS Analysis in Security Policy offers a focused discussion of current developments and events in international security” (CSS: Publications: CSS Analysis in Security Policy, 11 September 2013) and is authored by CSS researchers.
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German, English, French
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Information on international relations and international and Swiss security policy by the Swiss Center for Security Studies. Languages: English, German
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