Bundesamt für Migration und flüchtlinge
Last update of this source description: January 2011.
The overall concept of the Federal Office was developed in the first half of 2004 with contributions from many members of staff.
The overall concept characterises the authority’s transformation from an asylum authority pure and simple to become a centre of excellence in matters related to integration and migration. The “Act to Steer and Limit Immigration and to Regulate the Residence and Integration of Union Citizens and Foreigners” (Immigration Act), which constitutes the statutory basis for this change, has united a great deal of conceptual and organisational competences in the Federal Office.”
(BAMF Website,http://www.bamf.de/cln_101/nn_432066/EN/DasBAMF/Leitbild/leitbild-node.html?__nnn=true, last accessed 23. December 2010)
„As a centre of excellence for migration, integration and asylum, the Federal Office carries out a wide variety of tasks. It decides on asylum applications and on the protection of refugees against deportation. Furthermore, the foci of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees include promoting and coordinating the linguistic, social and societal integration of immigrants in Germany.“
(BAMF Website, http://www.bamf.de/nn_433528/EN/DasBAMF/Aufgaben/aufgaben-node.html?__nnn=true, last accessed 23 December 2010)
Target group:
Asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants, departments for foreign and other affairs, institutes offering integration courses, legal practitioners, non-governmental organizations
“Staff of the Federal Office decide on asylum applications after interviewing applicants in person and carrying out a conscientious examination of the grounds for asylum submitted.”
Additional tasks:
“developing and implementing integration courses (language and orientation courses) for immigrants”
“re-orientating advice on migration and promoting projects on the social and societal integration of settlers and foreigners living in Germany permanently”
“providing comprehensive information and drafting specialist information material, both for immigrants and for immigration authorities”
carrying out “academic research on migration-related issues in order to obtain analytical statements on how to manage immigration”
(BAMF Website, http://www.bamf.de/nn_433528/EN/DasBAMF/Aufgaben/aufgaben-node.html?__nnn=true, last accessed 23 December 2010)
Government Funding
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: all countries
Thematic focus: all topics related to integration, migration, asylum-seeking and flight issues
Publication cycle:
no publication cycle
German & some reports in English
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See also the BAMF’s COI database, MILo: https://milo.bamf.de/
Further Reading:
BAMF: Informationszentrum Asyl und Migration, January 2011, http://www.bamf.de/SharedDocs/Anlagen/DE/Publikationen/Flyer/flyer-informationszentrum-asylundmigration-dt.pdf?__blob=publicationFile
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