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In brief: The Bertelsmann Foundation (Bertelsmann Stiftung) is a German non-profit think tank based in Gütersloh.
„As a private operating foundation, our primary goal is to make a meaningful and enduring contribution to society. We focus our activities on projects that can decisively influence society’s long-term viability.“ (Bertelsmann Stiftung: Objectives, undated)
„We focus on areas where we have built compelling competence through years of experience. We work toward improved education, a just and efficient economic system, a preventative healthcare system, a vibrant civil society and greater international understanding.“ (Bertelsmann Stiftung: Objectives, undated)
„Its [the foundation’s] nonprofit work is funded predominantly by income earned from its shares in Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA. To document how it utilizes its funds, the foundation publishes an annual report at the end of each fiscal year once its operations have been officially audited. Since its inception, the Bertelsmann Stiftung has spent roughly €928 million on nonprofit projects. The total budget for the 2009 fiscal year amounted to €60.3 million.“ (Bertelsmann Stiftung: Facts and Figures, undated)
Scope of reporting:
Country reports (Transformation Index) on 129 countries on political participation; rule of law; stability of democratic institutions; socioeconomic development; economic transformation; private property; etc.
„The Transformation Index is based on a qualitative expert survey in which written assessments are translated into numerical ratings and examined in a multi-stage review process so as to make them comparable both within and across regions. […] The process of country assessment has both a qualitative and quantitative component, in each case performed by two country experts. As a rule, one foreign and one local expert are involved in the evaluation process; this ensures that both external and internal perspectives are taken into account in the course of assessment and helps counteract subjective influence. In total, 246 experts from leading research institutions around the world contributed to the production of the country reports.“ (Bertelsmann Stiftung: Methodology, undated)
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Covered quarterly on, for countries of priorities A-C.
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