Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
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In brief: The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and is owned by the Austrian Federal Government.
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“The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). It is in charge of implementing all bilateral programmes and projects in ADC's partner countries and administers the budget earmarked for this.
The centrepiece of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is the department Programmes and Projects International. Via offices abroad, country and regional officers here keep in direct contact with the partner countries to ensure the coherent and efficient implementation of Austrian Development Cooperation. This department organises collaboration with the private sector as well as quality assurance and knowledge management for setting thematic priorities in Austrian Development Cooperation.
Non-governmental organisations cooperate with the department ‘Funding Civil Society’. […]
ADA annually implements 500 programmes and projects. Beyond that ADA obtained the qualification to implement EU financed projects with partners. Such funds are channeled through Indirect Centralised Management (ICM) or twinnings. Through a cooperation with the Oesterreichischen Entwicklungsbank (OeEB) existing since 2012 ADA is also receiving further capital to strengthen the instrument of business partnerships and feasibility studies.
A major task of ADA is conducting a dialogue with the public to communicate the aims and achievements of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). This is done through public relations, but also through development communication and education, ADA seeks to elicit broad support for Austria's development-policy efforts.” (ADC: Austrian Development Agency, undated)
Core budget from the Austrian Foreign Ministry, third-party funds (ADC: Development Cooperation Budget Assured, undated)
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Geographic focus: ADC priority countries (Kosovo, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and the Palestinian Territories)
Thematic focus: Political situation, human rights, economy and development
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