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In brief: The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is an Austrian government-owned non-profit company that seeks to combat poverty, ensure peace and preserve the environment.

Coverage on

Country profiles (“Länderinformation”) and other relevant publications

Covered quarterly on for countries of priorities A–E (all available countries).


The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is “the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation. […] Together with the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (MFA), partner countries, public institutions, civil society organisations and businesses, ADA seeks to ensure that sustainable development works to the benefit of all people in Africa, Asia, Southeast Europe and the South Caucasus. ADA staff on the ground in 13 coordination offices make sure that ADA operations are in line with national development goals and the needs of the local population […].

Since 2008, the ADA has been conducting programmes for the European Commission. The private sector is another major partner within the field of development cooperation. Since 2008, ADA has been allocating private funds for development cooperation. […] Most funds are invested in key regions and priority countries of the Austrian Development Cooperation. […]

ADA is primarily engaged in sectors where Austria can contribute its professional knowhow and long standing experience: water supply and sanitation, renewable energy, climate protection, agriculture and forestry, private sector and development as well as human security, human rights and rule of law.” (ADA website: ADA, undated)


Most of ADA’s funding comes from the Austrian Foreign Ministry. Additional sources of funding are other Austrian federal ministries, the EU and private sector partners. (ADA: Geschäftsbericht 2018, June 2019, p. 8)

Scope of reporting:

Geographic focus: West, East and Southern Africa (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda); Southeast Asia (Bhutan); Southeast Europe/South Caucasus (Kosovo, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia); Middle East (Palestine)

Thematic Focus: Issues covered in the ADA country profiles include the political situation, democratic reform, corruption, human rights, environmental policy, economic development and poverty.


Country profiles provide a narrative overview of key issues. The reports contain occasional footnotes with references to publicly accessible sources including data from the World Bank and national statistics offices (see, for example, ADA: Georgien; Länderinformation, October 2019) and foundations (see, for example, ADA: Bhutan; Länderinformation, February 2019). No further information could be found on methodology.

Languages of publication:

German and English. Country profiles are available in German only.


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