Please note: MRT and RRT were amalgamated with the Administrativ Appeals Tribunal (AAT) in 2015. COI products are no longer published and this source is no longer covered regularly by
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In brief: The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) conduct administrative reconsideration of visa and visa-related decisions made by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Its COI unit provides COI research services for the Tribunals’ members.
Note: “The Country of Origin Information section of the MRT – RRT has transferred to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) following a decision by government. The country information sections from the DIAC and the MRT-RRT were combined into one unit, within DIAC on 1 July 2013.  Staff within the MRT-RRT who were providing country information have been transferred to DIAC and continue to provide country information.” (MRT-RRT: Country of Origin Information changes, 29 July 2013, accessed on 13 March 2014)
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Query Responses, Country Reports.
Previously covered quarterly on, for countries of priorities A-D (all available countries).
“To provide correct and preferable decisions for visa applicants and sponsors through independent, fair, just, economical, informal and quick merits reviews of migration and refugee decisions. The Migration Review Tribunal (the MRT) and the Refugee Review Tribunal (the RRT) provide an independent and final merits review of decisions made in relation to visas to travel to, enter or stay in Australia. The MRT reviews decisions made in respect of general visas (e.g. visitor, student, partner, family, business, skilled visas) and the RRT deals with decisions made in respect of protection (refugee) visas.” (MRT-RRT website, accessed on 25 October 2011)
“The Tribunals are established under the Migration Act 1958 and the Tribunals’ jurisdiction and powers are set out in the Migration Act and in the Migration Regulations 1994. All Members and staff are cross-appointed to both Tribunals and the Tribunals operate as a single agency for the purposes of the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997.” (MRT-RRT website, accessed on 25 October 2011)
“The Tribunals' Portfolio Budget Statements are included in the Immigration and Citizenship Portfolio Budget Statements.” (MRT-RRT website, accessed on 25 October 2011)
Scope of reporting:
“The research is of the following main types: Basic Information Packages which are an electronic collection of background information compiled from authoritative sources. Issue or thematic packages produced and maintained on issues or topics of continuing relevance. Research Responses prepared in a ‘question and answer’ format to requests for specific information from Members.” (MRT-RRT website, accessed on 25 October 2011)
Geographic focus: Most countries of origin of asylum seekers.
“The Country Advice Service critically evaluates and analyses a wide range of open source material […]. The service consults reputable sources from Australian and overseas governments, as well as international development and humanitarian organisations, NGOs, religious and interest groups. Academic and media sources are also consulted where appropriate. Country Advice also makes off-shore enquiries on behalf of Members directly and through overseas diplomatic posts of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.” (MRT-RRT Factsheet MR7: Country Advice Service, December 2009, accessed 25 October 2011)
“The research materials have been edited to protect the identity and privacy of individual visa applicants, and in some cases, to maintain the integrity of the review process.” (MRT-RRT website, accessed 25 October 2011)
Further information with regard to working methodology: (MRT-RRT: Factsheet MR7: Country Advice Service, December 2009, accessed 25 October 2011
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