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In brief: Asylum Aid is a British organisation working to secure protection for people fleeing from persecution and human rights abuses abroad and seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, by providing free legal advice and publishing research reports.

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“On 1 July 2016, Asylum Aid merged with Migrants Resource Centre. The merger allows us to provide a much wider range of services to our refugee clients, including immigration advice, housing welfare and debt advice, employability training, and English language training. […]
Asylum Aid works to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the UK from persecution and human rights abuses abroad. We provide free legal advice and representation to the most vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers, and lobby and campaign for an asylum system based on inviolable human rights principles.” (Asylum Aid website: About Asylum Aid, undated)

Asylum Aid’s goals are “To provide free and accessible legal representation of the highest quality, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers;
To campaign vigorously for a fair asylum process based on inviolable human rights principles.  […]To sustain a stable, independent and purposeful organisation which benefits all the people who need our help, and all the organisations with which we work. […]
We believe that human rights are unconditional, and that our commitment to promoting equality and justice should govern and inform every aspect of our work
We believe that Asylum Aid should work to the highest professional standards to realise this commitment
We believe in working collaboratively to advance our aims and to ensure that refugees can influence the direction and perspectives of the organisation.” (Asylum Aid website: About Asylum Aid, undated)

Asylum Aid’s latest annual report was published in 2013 mentioning their total income, coming from voluntary income, activities for generating funds, interest receivable and charitable activities, amounting to £747,465. (see Asylum Aid website: Annual Report 2013, p.10, May 2013)

Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: The United Kingdom and countries of origin of asylum seekers arriving in the UK.
Thematic focus: Legal advice, persecution, relocation, women & girls, HIV/AIDS.

“In order to implement our recommendations, we work closely with the Home Office, the Legal Services Commission, and the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency.  We also work with legal representatives, academics, the UN Refugee Agency and other organisations in the asylum sector and beyond.” (Asylum Aid website: Campaigning, undated)

“Asylum Aid lobbies for change as active members of a number of coalitions and umbrella organisations, including”: Still Human Still Here, Asylum Rights Campaign, Women’s Resource Centre, The Detention Forum, European Council on Refugees and Exiles, European Network on Statelessness, End Violence Against Women. (Asylum Aid website: Working with others, undated)

For instance, in order to have a broader picture on the situation of women and girl refugees in Europe, “EWL [(European Women’s Lobby)] members and experts on violence against women worked together and provided their analysis on the situation in their country, through a questionnaire looking at national policies on violence against women and on asylum, and the situation on the ground.” (Asylum Aid website: Listening to refugee #WomensVoices, August 2016)

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