Russian Political Cartoonist Sergei Yolkin Flees For Bulgaria

By North.Realities

A popular Russian political cartoonist and satirist has left Russia amid the ongoing crackdown on media and civil society over coverage of Russia's war in Ukraine.

Sergei Yolkin wrote on Facebook on April 13 that he is currently in Bulgaria.

"The future is foggy," he wrote.

Yolkin has been well known since 1999 for sharp and popular cartoons mocking political decisions and moves by the Russian government, as well as targeting social problems in Russia and other former Soviet republics. His drawings are published regularly by RFE/RL and Deutsche Welle.

Many journalists and activists have left Russia since the Kremlin launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Authorities have ordered local media and bloggers to only publish information about the war that is provided by official sources.

As part of the guidelines, the conflict cannot be referred to as a war or an invasion, and instead must be called a "special military operation."