Siberian Activist's Car Destroyed In Arson Attack

By Siberia.Realities

KEMEREVO, Russia -- A car belonging to an activist and anti-corruption campaigner in the Siberian city of Kemerovo has been destroyed in an arson attack.

Maksim Uchvatov told RFE/RL that he believes the March 25 arson attack is linked with his investigation of corruption among local authorities.

"I regularly publish my investigations on corruption among local authorities, follow suspicious activities of the regional government, etc... But there has not been this kind of lawlessness before. All disputes were solved at least in legal ways. Not always in a just way, but never in this shocking way," Uchvatov said.

He also posted footage on YouTube taken from a security camera that shows a man approaching his car in the night. The man checks the car's license plates, pours some liquid on the automobile, and then sets it on fire.

Kemerovo law enforcement officials have yet to make any official comments on the matter.