Analyst, Kremlin Critic Solovei Released After Hours Of Questioning

MOSCOW -- Valery Solovei, a well-known Russian political analyst and Kremlin critic, has been released after being held for questioning after a search of his Moscow apartment.

Solovei's lawyer said the 61-year-old, known for his criticism of the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, and his son were released late on February 16 after several hours of interrogation at the Investigative Committee.

The Russian state television channel RT and the news website quoted sources as saying the two were detained as part of an unspecified probe into allegations of the incitement of hatred and discord. Their computers and other electronic gadgets were confiscated, the reports said.

According to the lawyer, Solovei and his son are currently classified as witnesses in a case of inciting hatred.

Moscow police also searched the home of Solovei's nephew, Fyodor Solovei, who said law enforcement officers confiscated his computers and books written in Ukrainian.

Valery Solovei worked as a teacher at the prestigious Moscow State Institute Of International Relations (MGIMO) until 2019. He left his job citing unspecified political reasons.

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