Kazakh Picketers Demand Revision Of 'Wrongful Court Rulings'

NUR-SULTAN -- About a dozen people from across Kazakhstan held single-person protests in Nur-Sultan against what they called unjust court rulings.

The men and women, many of them frustrated and angry, separately picketed the government’s building on September 9, accusing the government of reluctance to look into their demands and demanding the resignation of the chairman of the Supreme Court, Zhaqyp Asanov.

Representatives of the city administration arrived at the site and called the pickets "illegal" even though single-person protests do not require official permission. Police were present but did not interfere with the protests.

Protests over social issues, low incomes, police and court abuses, and poor living conditions have increased in recent months in the Central Asian nation after five children from one family died when their home in the capital burned down in early February.

The fire occurred while both parents were working overnight shifts to make ends meet.