Constitution (2010) (excerpts)





Chapter III Citizenship. Rights and duties of a citizen


1. A citizen shall have rights and bear duties resulting from his/her citizenship.

2. No one may be deprived of his/her citizenship and denied the right to change his/her citizenship. Persons who are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic shall enjoy recognition of affiliation to the citizenship of another state in accordance with the law and international treaties to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party.

3. The Kyrgyz people living outside the Kyrgyz Republic shall have the right, regardless of their citizenship of another State, to acquire citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic under a simplified procedure. The procedure and conditions for granting citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic shall be defined by law.

4. A citizen may not be expelled beyond the borders of the republic or extradited to another State.

5. The Kyrgyz Republic shall guarantee its citizens defense and protection beyond its borders.


Article 51

Citizens shall have the right to unimpeded return to the Kyrgyz Republic.


Article 52

1. Citizens shall have the right to:

1) participate in the discussion and adoption of laws and decisions of republican and local significance;

2) to elect and to be elected to state authorities and local self governance bodies in accordance with the procedures established by the present Constitution and the law;

3) to take part in referenda in accordance with procedures established by the constitutional law.

2. Citizens shall have the right to hold people’s kurultai [assemblies] on issues of state and public importance. The decision of people’s kurultai shall be delivered to the respective agencies as recommendations. The regulations of conducting people’s kurultai shall be defined in the law.

3. Citizens shall have the right to participate in the formulation of the republican and local budgets as well as obtain information on actual spending of budgetary funds.

4. Citizens shall have equal rights and equal opportunities to take up posts in civil and municipal service as well as promotion in accordance with the regulations established in the law.

5. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who have another citizenship may not assume political state posts and the positions of judges. Such limitation may be also established by the law for other public positions.