Russian Suspected Of Planning Drone Attack On U.S. Aircraft In Turkey

Media reports in Turkey say law enforcement authorities have detained a suspected Islamic State (IS) militant from Russia who was allegedly planning a drone attack on U.S. aircraft at Incirlik air base.

The August 10 reports cited unnamed officials as saying the Russian citizen, identified as Ruslan Bakiyev, was detained in the southern city of Adana while "studying" the area around Incirlik.

Reports also said Bakiyev was suspected of plotting an attack on the Alevi Muslim community in the region.

Turkey is a NATO member, and the U.S. Air Force uses Incirlik for the air campaign against IS in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey's Haberturk TV reported that Bakiyev had been deported from Turkey in the past when he tried to enter Syria.

Reports say he is fluent in Turkish, Arabic, and English.

The Russian Embassy in Ankara said it was looking into the situation.

Based on reporting by DHA, Haberturk, SonDakika, and TASS