Kyrgyzstan Says Four Suspects Plotting Terrorist Attacks Detained

Kyrgyz authorities say they have detained the four members of a suspected terrorist cell that was allegedly planning attacks in the country.

The Kyrgyz State Committee for National Security said on June 28 that the four Kyrgyz citizens -- aged between 21 and 34 -- were plotting a series of terrorist attacks with improvised explosive devices and firearms in Kyrgyzstan's border areas.

It said their cell was affiliated to an international terrorist organization, without providing further details.

It was unclear when and where the four men were detained.

The head of the Kyrgyz Defense Council, Temir Jumakadyrov, said on June 27 that authorities have prevented at least 17 terrorist attacks in the country last year.

Officials in Kyrgyzstan say hundreds of Kyrgyz citizens have joined extremist groups in Iraq and Syria such as the Islamic State in recent years.

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