Saakashvili To Continue Activism Despite Charges

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili says the criminal charges filed against him in Georgia are related to his activities in Ukraine.

Saakashvili said in Budapest on July 30 that the abuse-of-office charges filed against him last week are an attempt to limit his political activities and freedom of movement.

He told Georgian television channel Rustavi-2 that "someone" is unhappy with his "activity" in Ukraine.

Saakashvili, 46, has been an unofficial adviser to government officials in Kyiv and appears often in the media warning about Moscow's actions toward Ukraine.

He said he had no plans to ask for political asylum.

President from 2004 to 2013, Saakashvili left Georgia after leaving office last year.

He denies commiting any crimes while in office.

The U.S. State Department and four U.S. senators have voiced concern about the charges against him.

Based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and Rustavi-2