Parents Say Suspect In Tatarstan Church Attacks Tortured

TUBAN KAMA, Russia -- The parents of a suspect in arson attacks against Orthodox churches in Tatarstan say they believe their son was tortured by police.

Rakyip Zaripov, father of Rafail Zaripov, told RFE/RL on December 13 that his son's lawyer was first allowed to see his client four days after his detention.

The lawyer said he found Rafail Zaripov on the floor of his cell, unable to move due to a severe spinal injury.

He said Zaripov had bruises on his body and blood in his urine.

Zaripov is currently receiving treatment in the emergency room in the central clinic in the city of Tuban Kama.

His father claims that police tortured his son with electroshock to force him to confess.

Tatarstan's Interior Ministry announced on December 12 that five men had confessed to arson attacks against two Orthodox churches last month.