Car Bombs Target Baghdad's Shi'ite Neighborhoods

At least 34 people were reported killed on May 13 in a series of car bomb attacks in Iraq.

The attacks came as Shi'ites were marking the birthday of Imam Ali, the son-in-law and cousin of the Prophet Muhammad and the most sacred martyr of Shi'ites.

At least nine car bombs exploded around Baghdad -- the most deadly in the Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City where six people were killed.

Other attacks targeted police stations, a Shi'ite-owned car repair shop, and busy streets.

At least one attack happened in the mainly Sunni neighborhood of Arab Jabur.

Three people were killed in that attack.

In Balad, a largely Shi'ite town some 80 kilometers north of the capital a car bomb killed six people.
Based on reports by AP, dpa, and AFP