Bombings In Syria Kill Dozens, Mostly In Government-Controlled Areas

Bombings in Syria have killed at least 44 people, mostly in government-controlled areas.

Syrian state media reports that at least 35 people were killed in two simultaneous blasts that hit the Arzouna bridge area at the entrance to the northwestern coastal city of Tartous.

Syrian state television said the first explosion was a car bomb and the second was a suicide belt detonated as rescue workers came to the scene of the first incident.

Another three people died when a car bomb struck the city of Homs at the entrance to the Bab Tadmur neighborhood. 

Syrian state television also reported that one person died in an explosion near the town of Al-Saboura, along a road which leads onto the Beirut-Damascus highway.

Meanwhile, a bomber also struck in the northeastern city of Hasakeh, which is mostly controlled by Kurdish forces, killing at least five more people.

Based on reports by Reuters, AFP, and AP