Turkey Condemns Killing Of Syrian Kurd Opposition Leader

Turkey has condemned the killing of an ethnic Kurdish leader in Syria and warned the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that violent suppression of the opposition "cannot turn back the course of history."

Unidentified assailants shot dead Mishaal al-Tammo on October 7 in the Syrian city of Qamishli.

On October 8, up to five mourners were shot dead when Syrian troops opened fire on Tammo's funeral procession after some of the 50,000 in the march began chanting anti-Assad slogans.

Turkey also decried an assault on another leading Syrian opposition figure, Riad Seif.

Syrian activists have posted footage on YouTube allegedly showing the former lawmaker being beaten in front of a mosque in Damascus.

In related news, German police say a group of protesters stormed the Syrian Embassy in Berlin overnight in a protest against Tammo's killing and the use by Syrian troops of live ammunition against a crowd at his funeral procession

Berlin police say about 24 protesters tore down a fence at the embassy late on October 8 and managed to enter the building, where they caused some damage to paintings and furniture.

Syria's ambassador, who lives in the building, called upon German police for help.

The German police said the group left the embassy peacefully when German police officers urged them to leave the embassy grounds. No arrests were made.

compiled from agency reports