Iranian Opposition Leader Karrubi Transferred To House Arrest

Detained opposition figure Mehdi Karrubi has reportedly been moved from a safe house to his actual home elsewhere in Tehran, where he remains under house arrest.

Karrubi and another opposition leader, Mir Hossein Musavi, have been held incommunicado since February 2011 for orchestrating antigovernment protests sparked by the disputed presidential election in 2009.

The two, now in their 70s, have not been charged with any crime.

Karrubi's son, Hossein Karrubi, said on February 2 that he was moved to his home in the capital's northern Jamaran area the night before.

He added that his father was being held in his family's second-floor apartment, and security forces had taken up residence in a room on the first floor.

The transfer comes after President Hassan Rohani was elected in June 2013 on a pledge to end Tehran's international isolation.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP