Information on 1) Itehade Islami (Islamic Unity) and its Sayaf group; 2) the treatment of the members of Itehade Islami [AFG10382]

Information on the above-mentioned subjects is currently unavailable to the IRBDC. However, the attached eight articles, which have references to Ittihad-i Islami, may be noteworthy. These articles identify Rasul Sayyaf (who could be the same as Sayaf) as the leader of a Muslim fundamentalist party, the Islamic Union (Unity) Party or Ittihad-i-Islami, which is reportedly founded or financed by "Saudi Arabia" or "Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates." The attached articles also refer to Rasul Sayyaf as the Prime Minister of the "rebels' proposed interim government." According to these articles, the party, which is based in Pakistan, is one of the members of the Seven-Group Alliance.