Russian Intelligence Officer Jailed For 'High Treason'

A Moscow court has sentenced a former intelligence officer to 14 years in prison on high-treason charges.

Gennady Kravtsov was found guilty on September 21 of providing Western secret services with classified information about the Tselina-1 spacecraft and sentenced the same day.

The court also ruled that Kravtsov will be stripped of his rank as a colonel.

Kravtsov was arrested in May. He pleaded "partially guilty," adding that he put some information related to the spacecraft on his résumé while trying to get a job in Sweden.

Kravtsov’s lawyer said the court's ruling will be appealed.

Kravtsov's case is one of several in recent years in which Russian citizens have been accused of disseminating classified or sensitive information.

With reporting by TASS and Interfax