Kyrgyz Detain Two Kazakh Nationals For 'Recruiting Jihadists'

BISHKEK -- Two Kazakh nationals have been arrested in Kyrgyzstan for alleged involvement in recruiting Islamist fighters for the insurgency in Syria.

Kyrgyzstan's State Committee for National Security (UKMK) said on January 9 that the two suspects had illegally arrived in Kyrgyzstan after completing military training in Syria.

According to UKMK officials, the suspects used forged documents and had planned to reside in Kyrgyzstan to organize a system of recruiting fighters to send to Syria.

The suspects reportedly possessed a cache with assault rifles, pistols, and ammunition.

On Wednesday, the UKMK said a Kyrgyz man -- an alleged member of the Union of Islamic Jihad -- had been arrested on charges of involvement in recruiting Kyrgyz citizens to join the Islamic insurgency in Syria.