Overview and Guerrilla activity in San Salvador during the past eight months. [SLV1000]


Please find attached the requested overview.

The FMLN guerrillas have been active in two campaigns since the Fall of 1988. The first was a systematic campaign against mayors and elected officials throughout El Salvador who have been threatened with "popular justice" [ "Salvadorian Mayors Told to Resign or Face popular Justice of Guerrillas," Globe and Mail, 17 January 1989, p. A14.] by the rebels unless they resign their posts. In January 1989 the Latin American Weekly Report, has cited 8 incidents in which mayors had been killed since September 1988 and 35 instances of mayors resigning. [Latin America Newsletter LTD, Latin American Regional Report, Mexico & Central America report, Feb. 16, 1989, (London: 1989), p. 8.] The El Rescate Chronology of Events from January and February has indicated continued pressure upon mayors, resulting in more than 40 resignations up to February 1989. The Economist, January 1989, stated that one third of the Mayoral positions in El Salvador were unfilled. [ "Death Maps", The Economist, 14/1/89, p. 41.]

The second campaign has been against military and governmental targets in San Salvador since the breakdown in talks between the FMLN and the government prior to the elections held in March 1989. This campaign has included the bombing of houses owned by military personnel, and attacks on military and governmental installations. [ El Rescate, Chronology of Events January 1989, (Los Angeles: El Rescate Publications, 1989), pp. 10 - 11. and "Salvadorean rebels fire on presidential palace", The Ottawa Citizen, 16 March 1989, p. A 14. and " Guerrilla forces in El Salvador stepping up activities near cities", The Globe and Mail, [Toronto], 11 April 1989, p. A 17.] This campaign has resulted in the murder of the attorney general and attacks on the vice-president's home. [ "Salvadorean official killed by car bomb" The Globe and Mail, [Toronto], 20 April 1989, p. A5.]

The attached section of the United Nations Special Rapporteur report on El Salvador in 1988 gives an overview of the FMLN activities during the past year.

The attached sections of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Report, for 3 November 1988 and December 1 1988 refer to FMLN activity in the Apopa-Nejapa region and specifically the attack on an army convoy near Nejapa on the 29 November 1988. The attached sections from El Rescate Chronology of Events March 1989 cover bombings reported in the latter half of March 1989.