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In brief: EPIC is a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization that supports Iraqi efforts to improve governance and human rights, build peace, and address climate change.

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Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (ISHM), special reports

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“EPIC’s ultimate vision is a safe, just and prosperous Iraq in which all citizens live in freedom from want, freedom from fear, and freedom to live with dignity. To pursue this goal, we implement programs in Iraq, conduct ground-level research, and advocate with U.S. and other policy-makers” (EPIC website: What We Do, undated). “EPIC’s strategy is based on a human security approach to aid relief and policy-making.” (EPIC website: Mission & History, undated)

Founded in 1998 by Gulf War veterans, EPIC works with Iraqi civil society leaders “to provide relief for vulnerable populations, monitor the crisis to better inform public policy, and enhance understanding of Iraq’s story. […] Our goals are to support local peace and recovery efforts, help peaceful activists defend human rights and accountable governance, and support Iraqis tackling the human costs of climate change.” (EPIC website: Mission & History, undated)

EPIC’s “flagship publication is the weekly Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (ISHM). […] We also publish special reports […]” (EPIC website: What We Do, undated). The ISHM “tracks the latest security and political news in Iraq through a humanitarian lens […]. EPIC collects news and information about important developments from inside Iraq and makes them available to policymakers, aid workers, journalists, and scholars.” (EPIC website: Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor (ISHM), undated)


EPIC is funded by donations and investments. No information could be found on specific sources of funding or the amount of EPIC’s revenue or budget.

Scope of reporting:

Geographic focus: Iraq

Thematic focus: peace and recovery, governance, human rights, climate change


The ISHM summarizes events and developments based on information from public sources such as international media, local news sources (Iraq-based Arabic and Kurdish news outlets), Iraqi state institutions, and the United Nations. In ISHM issues, the body of the text contains links to cited sources. The names of these sources are also listed at the bottom of each section. (see, for example, ISHM: May 25 – June 1, 2023, 1 June 2023 and ISHM: May 18 – 25, 2023, 25 May 2023)

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Methodological note:'s source descriptions contain background information on an organisation’s mission & objective, funding and reporting methodology, as well as on how we cover the source. The descriptions were prepared after researching publicly accessible information within time constraints. Most information contained in a source description was taken from the source itself. The aim is to provide a brief introduction to the sources covered regularly, offering information on relevant aspects in one place in a systematic manner. 

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