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In brief: Women News Network (WNN) is a not-for-profit news network founded in Denver, USA, dedicated to covering global human rights and women’s news.
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“Starting from a writing assignment to cover global women’s news for the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2006, director Lys Anzia saw the vital need to report the many times hard and suffering stories of women. […] Receiving recognition by UNESCO in 2009, WNN – Women News Network has dedicated itself to bringing global attention to the needs and empowerment of women through online news journalism. […] Chosen as a content partner with The Guardian News Development Network and Thomson Reuters Foundation TrustLaw for highest standards, WNN is dedicated to reporting original news on global women that will endure and educate the world.” (WNN: About, undated)
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All countries; global women’s topics
“Using a new strategy she [WNN founder/editor-at-large Lys Anzia] brought seasoned journalists together with the voices of women ‘from the ground up’ to bring well researched high standard journalism to the public. Today WNN has over 18 freelance journalists working worldwide to bring in-depth news to the front of the headlines.” (WNN: About WNN, undated)
“Using ‘Professional Standards and Code of Ethics’ (UNESCO quote), our approach to journalism has been included in the UNESCO program launch to help train East European news media the importance of greater transparency and quality in reporting.” (WNN: About, undated)
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