Somalia NGO Safety Program (NSP)
Last update of this source description: 22 December 2010

„The NGO Consortium facilitates the exchange, production and provision of information to members, to be in a position to make informed choices on operational and strategic coordination, and creates a space for members to carry out advocacy.“
- „Promote co-ordination, information sharing and research to contribute to the alleviation of human suffering and the equitable and sustainable development of Somali society
- Provide a forum that promotes dialogue, collaboration, learning experiences and information exchange
- Represent its members and their constituency at international, national and local levels
- Enhance public awareness about the role, values and responsibilities of NGOs“ (NSP Website,, last accessed 26 July 2010)
Target group:
NGO community in Somalia and international actors
“The NGO Safety Program (NSP) Project aims to reduce the risks posed to programme personnel and assets of NGOs operating in Somalia through the provision of specialised, coordinated and focused security management support.”
“The project seeks to provide the NGO community with its own security focal point and ensure the development of tailored security support services in relation to information gathering, analysis and reporting; coordination with relevant actors such as UNDSS; the upgrading of security preparedness through the provision of training and technical advice; and the undertaking of security assessment activities.”
(NSP Website,, last accessed 26 July 2010)
Funds raised through membership; members can be found at
Financial assistance from the European Commission and administrative support from Care International
(NSP Website,, last accessed 26 July 2010)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Somalia
Thematic focus: Security situation in Somalia
Reporting methodology:
No information found.
Publication cycle:
Weekly reports
other reports: no publication cycle