Please note: The committees website is offline as of 17 September 2018. No information on whether the committee is still active could be found. 

“The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded on 11 February, 1995. It is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. The aim of the Committee is the protection and promotion of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Committee is a member of International Helsinki Federation.” (BiH-HCHR Website,, accessed on 25 September 2007)
Target group:
Legislative bodies, civil society, victims of human rights violations, local and international media, NGOs.
The aim of the Committee is the protection and promotion of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Committee is particularly engaged in the following activities: Promotion of human rights, reacting against violation of human rights, providing professional legal assistance to citizens, giving proposals to legislative bodies, publishing reports and documents relating to human rights, presentation of human rights issues through media, organising public debates, cooperation with similar international organisations (particularly with National Helsinki Committees and the IHF) (BiH-HCHR Website,, accessed on 25 September 2007).
The website provides no information on the funding of the Committee. However, the website contains the bank details of the Committee for private donors and sponsors.
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Thematic focus: Human rights, violation of human rights, protection of ethnic and religious minorities, journalism.
Reporting methodology:
Monitoring and analysis of the (political and) human rights situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Publication cycle:
Annual report since 1996: “Report on the Status of Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
“Glasnik” (Journal of the Helsinki Committe for Human Rights in BiH): Online journal, freely available, in Bosnian language; no fixed publication cycle, approximately 4 editions per year.
Books on various topics related to human rights.
Open letters and statements on current topics.
Bosnian, English.