Afghanistan NGO Safety Office (ANSO)
Note: The description below is as at December 2010. ANSO became part of the newly established organization named INSO (International NGO Safety Organization) in 2011.
“ANSO was the worlds fist independent NGO safety cooperation project […]. The main purpose of this new site is to provide a document archive as well as some useful contact details and background information.” (ANSO Website,, accessed on 23. December 2010)
“Established in 2002 ANSO is an independent project to inform and advise humanitarian organizations on safety conditions across Afghanistan.” (ANSO Website,, accessed on 14 July 2010)
Target group:
Afghan non-governmental humanitarian organizations
“Our objective is to support [humanitarian organizations'] ability to deliver vital assistance and services by ensuring they have access to high quality, independent information about the areas they operate in.” (ANSO Website,, accessed on 23. December 2010)
ECHO, SDC and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(ANSO Website,, accessed on 23. December 2010)
Scope of reporting:
Geographic focus: Afghanistan
Thematic focus: Reports (bi-weekly) and trend analyses (quarterly) on security-related incidents (types, causes, location and casualties), general and specific conflict mapping, civilian casualties and leading causes of death”
(ANSO Website,, accessed on 23. December 2010)
Reporting methodology:
Trend analyses and narrative analysis of Afghan NGOs on local incidents and issues
Publication cycle:
Bi-weekly and quarterly data reports
Navigation of website:
Website > Resources > The ANSO Report (Bi-Weekly)
Website > Resources > Quarterly Data Report