Myanmar’s junta arrests 10 alleged members of an anti-regime group in Yangon

They are accused of killing current and former military officers, along with city officials


Myanmar’s junta says it has arrested seven men and three women for carrying out a series of killings in Yangon. A statement released on Sunday said the 10 were members of the Inya Urban Force who were taken into custody between Oct. 1 and Oct. 6.

The junta said the group was behind the killings of former Brig. Gen. Ohn Twin and his son-in-law, ex-Capt. Ye Tayza in their home in Yangon’s Hlaing township on Sept. 24. Members are also accused of killing Maj. Kaday Phyo Aung on April 10 and the murders of several Yangon ward administrators.

The Inya Urban Force confirmed some of its members had been arrested but did not give the number. It said the rest of the group went to the Thai-Myanmar border to avoid being captured.

RFA has not been able to confirm independently whether the 10 people named by the junta are all members of the anti-regime group and was unable to contact the Inya Urban Force to verify the claims.

According to data compiled by RFA, nine serving and former military officers have been killed in the past 11 months.

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) said nearly 16,000 people had been arrested since the coup on Feb. 1 last year, with 12,783 still in custody.